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Indulge in the littlest of luxuries with Le Grand Bain

Dates:  01 Sep 22


Your stay at The Lyall will be paired with the scent of familiar little luxuries in the form of our amenities.

We’re proud to provide exclusive Le Grand Bain toiletries, created by Byredo Fragrance House’s Ben Gorham.
Le Grand Bain may translate literally to ‘the big bath,’ but it is in the figurative sense of taking a deep plunge that Gorham found inspiration for the fragrances you’ll soon come to love.

Every note of this fragrance has been carefully considered to suit the traveller’s needs.

“Throughout this project, the emphasis has been on creating a high-quality amenities line that is distinctly unique,” said Ben Gorham.

Experience the luxury of Le Grand Bain during your stay at The Lyall.