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Relax in refined luxury with locally designed and made furniture

Dates:  01 Sep 22


We’re thrilled to welcome you to the reimagined Lyall Hotel, with thoughtfully designed suites featuring a selection of Tasmanian Oak furniture pieces made locally and designed by owner Rowina Thomas.

To reposition The Lyall as a leading design hotel and usher us into a new era, Rowina knew the upscale new space would need something distinctive and memorable to open with.

Bespoke pieces crafted to complement interiors are inspired by Japanese design and add a touch of refined luxury to guest rooms that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each boutique hotel room is adorned with selections from the Lyall Furniture Collection, including a custom desk, bedside tables, mirrors, bedheads, a minibar unit and a dining table, all designed in-house and hand-crafted from Tasmanian Oak. Rowina’s natural eye for design and penchant for elegance means she had a hand in the entire process.

“I began by sketching the furniture pieces, and then fortuitously found a local maker to materialise the vision,” “The use of dark stained Tasmanian Oak with accents of gold, which I reference to jewellery, adds to the Australian-made story,” Rowina said.

Her status as a boutique hotelier for over 20 years means Rowina has a network of renowned artisans which she could tap into for The South Yarra Hotel’s relaunch. Handcrafted just an hour away in coastal Victoria, each piece from The Lyall Furniture Collection is the result of not only hours of hard, meticulous work, but years of combined carpentry knowledge and experience.

Inspiration for the furniture collection and overall aesthetic of each room has been drawn from the clean lines of Japanese interiors, and soft furnishings are upholstered with fabrics by another local family-owned business, Warwick Fabrics.

“The concept for the style of the rooms was to ensure they exude understated elegance, comfort and sophistication,” Rowina said. “We have created this through a careful selection of fabrics and materials, layers and textures which work beautifully together. We have also added eye-catching details such as full-height bedheads to create a sense of grandeur and our own collection of bespoke furniture.”

Soon, your home can be adorned with pieces from the Lyall Furniture Collection.

We're excited to announce that our exclusive Lyall Furniture Collection will be available for purchase soon via The Lyall website, under Lyall Privé.

We can't wait to welcome you.